After hearing only one song, I became an instant Gillian Grassie fan. It’s rare to hear a young singer with such control and understated soulfulness, and even more rare to hear a harp provide such a deep percussive groove. I was immediately captivated by her sound. I’d love to have her open some shows for me. I’m sure my audiences will be captivated by her too.” – Grammy-winner, Marc Cohn

[Grassie] seems to have one thing most of her contemporaries lack, the ability to turn seemingly insignificant events, such as throwing up at a party, into songs worthy of everyone’s attention. Her lethal combination of melody, introspection and deeply personal lyrics places her high in the running for first in the “next big thing” category.” -Origivation Magazine

[Serpentine is] an album that belongs on every critic’s best of list not only for the year, but for the decade.” -Music for America

For pop fans with a craving for something a little different, Serpentine is a treat.” -Philadelphia CityPaper

…flaunts harp convention with a sassy assuredness.” -The Intelligencer

Superb!” -TAXI

…she makes [the harp] sound like any string instrument that has been a part of pop and rock for the last 50 years.” -Music For America

Her music deftly blends jazz, pop, folk and rock with mesmerizing effectiveness, with forays into techno and even bossa nova further blurring the boundaries of tradition.” -Naila Francis, The Intelligencer

…the harp in this context is simply exciting.” -TAXI

…an innovator par excellence. She is a harpist/singer/songwriter who is bringing the harp into the 21st Century.” -David Wannop, Ticket Magazine

“…a distinctive slice of Triple-A heaven.” -S.J. Dibai, Crunkbox

“Although she does draw on a repertoire of traditional Celtic tunes and classical training in both harp and voice, Grassie ventures far afield of those starting points, producing a range of sounds that seem perfectly at home in her jazz- and rock-flavored arrangements”. - Claudia Ginanni, Bryn Mawr Now

Forget for a moment Grassie’s dulcet harp work. She writes haunting, well-crafted songs and sings them in that lustrous voice.”David Hiltbrand, Philadelphia Inquirer

“Serpentine is really impressive, in the traditional sense of the term; it’s left an imprint on me. Her music is completely unique; you take her music on her terms; she isn’t derivative at all. Gillian knows what she wants to say and knows exactly how to say it. At an age (and in an age) when younger performers are either finding their style or – mostly – copying others’, Gillian Grassie has already clearly established her sound and her voice.”iTunes Customer Review

“Diese Frau ist wirklich Megaklasse. Die Kombination aus filigran gespielter Harfe zu einer Stimme, die sich mit weltklass Stars vergleichen lässt, und einer Titelauswahl, die einem jeden Zuhörer den Mund vor Staunen offen stehen lässt. Musik zu Versinken in seinen schönsten und/oder auch emotional einfühlsamsten Gedanken. Brillant! Danke.”Das Consortium

“Infectious. Addictive. Enchanting, up-lifting voice with interesting tales to tell: told in a different way. Who knew the harp could be so versatile and fresh and natural for such jazzy, bluesy, story-telling songs? One of those albums that stays in play. Each hearing offers something new even as the songs linger between plays. A refreshingly different, joyously talented artist who is awesome live and delightful on recording.”Frank D. Banta, CDBaby Customer

“The harp carries associations of white-clad angels and an otherworldy, semi-religious feel of music. Gillian’s music was none of those things but managed to bring a sweet freshness to instantly hummable tunes.”desicritics.org review