Upcoming Shows

October 4: Malibu, CA – Private Event
October 6: Hollywood, CA – House Concert (contact for details)
October 11: Oakland, CA – House Concert (contact for details)
October 19: New Orleans, LA – Private Event
October 26: Philadelphia, PA – Private event
November 2: Berlin, Germany – NHow Hotel
December 1: Palermo, Italy – Palazzo de Gregorio (11 AM)
December 1: Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto, Italy – Parco Jalari (9 PM)
December 3: Capo d’Orlando, Italy – Virtuoso, Biblioteca Communale
December 4: Modica, Italy – Hometowns
December 5: Messina, Italy – Retronouveau
December 6: Marsala, Italy – Baluardo Velasco
December 7: San Cataldo, Italy – Muddy Waters @ Planet Underground
December 8: Catania, Italy – La Chiave
December 9: Giarre, Italy – GRU
December 10: Enna, Italy – Al Kenisa
December 11: Reggio C, Italy – Caffè Letterario AL BAR
December 12: Catanzaro, Italy – Paddy’s Irish Pub
December 13: Cava dei Tirreni, Italy – Mediateca Marte
December 14: Cassino, Italy – Nuove Officine Generali


September 7: Brandon, VT – Compass Arts & Music Center
September 11: Philadelphia, PA – Private Event
September 13: Philadelphia, PA – The Barnes Foundation
September 14: Philadelphia, PA – Jamey’s House of Music (previously “The Psalm Salon”)
September 15: Philadelphia, PA – Private Event
September 29: Philadelphia, PA – Private Event

August 2: Berlin, Germany: Lichtblick Festival
August 3: Berlin, Germany: NHow Hotel
August 11: Berlin, Germany: Zwischenraum Festival
August 22: Unionville, PA: Catherine’s

JULY 2013
July 2: Berlin, Germany: Intersoup
July 4: Berlin, Germany: St Gaudy’s Cafe – Berlin Folk Society concert
July 5, 6, 7: Berlin, Germany: Hoftheater Kreuzberg – 4 Seasons in the Window (modern dance performance)
July 11: Berlin, Germany: Ma Thilda
July 18: Berlin, Germany: Pffile! Comedy Radio Show Live Taping at Vagabund Brauerei

JUNE 2013
June 6: Kiel, Germany: Prinz Willy
June 7: Cologne, Germany: Weltempfänger
June 8: Düsseldorf, Germany: Brause
June 9: Weimar, Germany: DeinRaum
June 13: Hamburg, Germany: Makrele Bar
June 25: Berlin, Germany: Mme Claude
June 28: Berlin, Germany: Mitte Rosi w/ PHIA

MAY 2013
May 2: Stuttgart, Germany: Stella Cafe with Dorothea Münsch
May 4: Manheim, Germany: O-Ton Club with Dorothea Münsch
May 15: Berlin, Germany: House Concert – John Francis (email for RSVP!)
May 18: Berlin, Germany: Karneval der Kulturen

April 2: Agrigento, Italy: Open Space Theatre
April 3: Taurianova (RC), Italy: Birreria 34
April 4: Lecce, Italy: Molly Malone
April 5: Sarno, Italy: Key Drum
April 7: Avellino, Italy: Godot Art Bistrot
April 8: Rome, Italy: Le Mura
April 9: Terni, Italy: Fat
April 10: Bologna, Italy: Modo
April 11: Pisa, Italy: Leningrad Cafe
April 12: Padova, Italy: La Mela Di Newton
April 13: Cervia (RA), Italy: Bagno Solo Sole
April 14: Fermo (AP, Italy: Locanda San Rocco
April 15: Giola del Colle (BA), Italy: Circolo Arci Lebowski
April 16: Foggia, Italy: Tolleranzazero
April 17: Reggio Calabria, Italy: Circolo 79
April 18: Castellemmare Del Golfo, Sicily: Picolit
April 19: Caltanissetta, Sicily: Sale & Pepe
April 20: Catania, Sicily: TBA
April 23: Rovereto, Italy: TBA
April 27: Berlin, Germany: Sofa Salon


March 1: Philadelphia, PA: Studio 34 – Joy Ike CD Release Concert
March 2: Kennett Square, PA: Earthart House Concert – contact to RSVP!
March 30: Enna, Italy: Al Kenisa
March 31: Catania, Italy: La Chiave

Feb 12: Philadelphia, PA: John Francis Magic Hour at Fergies
Feb 14: Philadelphia, PA: The Barnes Foundation Valentines Day Event (Members only)
Feb 16: Cambridge, MA: Club Passim – opening for Mary Fahl

Jan 5: Washington, DC: Casita Hobart House Concert (Mt. Pleasant)
Jan 7: Baltimore, MD: Teavolve Open Mic Featured Performer
Jan 8: Philadelphia, PA: John Francis Magic Hour at Fergies
Jan 10: Philadelphia, PA: Private Event
Jan 19: Pennington, NJ: Candlelight Concert Series – opening for Mary Fahl
Janu 20: Rosemont, PA: Women Against Abuse Benefit
Jan 23: Philadelphia, PA: The Tin Angel – special guest for Matt Duke’s residency
Jan 26: New York, NY: Private Event